Acute Allergic reaction due to insect bite

Patient: I was stung by an unknown insect yesterday swelling redness and wheezing were persistent (common with my history of asthma) this morning the swelling had gotten much worse (the sting is on my forearm about 2 inches from my elbow) and I am having bad pain in my thumb, wrist, elbow and shoulder joints, should I see a doctor about this?

Doctor: In the view that you have previous history of asthma and the symptoms are escalating, I strongly recommend you to go ASAP to the ER. Possibly you may have a severe allergic reaction called Anaphylaxis, if you are having now: difficult to breath; the hives are spreading beyond the sting, swelling of the face, throat, wheezing, difficulty to swallow, rapid pulse, dizziness or a drop in the blood pressure, get emergency treatment as soon as possible.