Acute pid and positive for Chlamydia

Patient: I was recently hospitalized for acute pelvic inflammatory disease with a TOA and fluid in one of my fallopion tubes. Tests confirmed I was pos for Chlamydia and BV. The BV I have struggled with my entire life but have never tested pos for Chlamydia before. I never had symptoms until recently which included bilateral abdominal pain as well as burning when I urinated. I thought it was a uti and treated it as such. Shortly afterwards, within a matter of a week I developed extreme right sided abdominal pain as well as cervical motion tenderness. When I started my menses about two weeks later I had abnormal bleeding and even worse pain. After a US and CT scan i was found to have a TOA and fluid in my fallopion tube. During my follow up with my gyno, she stated with the way I presented I acquired the infection within 3 weeks prior to the onset of symptoms. This would have been around the time I entered into a monogamous relationship with my partner who was tested and treated at the same time although stated he never received his test results but refuses to admit he is the one who entered into this relationship with the infection. It had been nearly a year since my last relationship prior to him. My question is how possible is it that I acquired Chlamydia nearly a year prior to presenting with acute pid which happened to be shortly after entering into a new relationship.

Symptoms: Std

Doctor: Hello,If the symptoms of PID have been recently detected and you never had abdominal pains a year earlier which were bilateral , then it is unlikely that PID is chronic and chlamydia infection was old .This is an acute PID infection with urinary tract infection and tubo-ovarian mass in form of hydrosalpinx which is an acute presentation and can manifest in 3-4 weeks of sexual activity with an already infected partner.I hope i have answered your query,regards