ADD ADHD Always in a hurry

Patient: Hello, I was curious if there is anything I can do to finally sit still. I take concerta which helps me concentrate, and I also take escitalopram for anxiety. At work I do mostly mapping and it’s very visual and i’m quite effective because I constantly want to go go go. I would love to be able to just be calm and relaxed and take my time, but i’ve never been able to do so. It’s quite frustrating because I love to read, learn, and understand, but I can’t for the life of me do these things because for some reason my mind constantly wants to just read it, say I read it, and go on. For about a 2 month period at least twice a week I would eat a couple bites of marijuana brownies before I went to bed because the few days after my whole body and mind were not in a hurry and I was able to sit down and consume material. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank ya’ll so much.