Add, adhd, learning disability, social anxiety

Patient: I am 27 years old and ever since I was in middle school I remember noticing that I lose concentration easily. I can’t stay focused when it comes to long conversations, and often just hear the other person but don’t process what they are saying. I have trouble staying focused when i’m reading and tend to have to read paragraphs over and over again. It’s often difficult for me to keep consistent on certain tasks. Sometimes I get social anxiety and feel awkward tension around certain people, sometimes even people that i’ve known for years.Overall, people would probably describe me as a sweet and overly-nice, and calm girl… many would probably also bring up the fact that I am smart.I recently had a birthday lunch with co-workers of FIVE YEARS and whenever I was talking I noticed I started sweating a little and felt awkward. Yet I still have the courage to speak in front of a group of about 60 people for my work 2 times a month and don’t break a sweat.I mentioned this a few times to my parents as I was growing up and in my teens and they always seemed to reject it or brushed it off and told me that everything was fine with me. I still feel like I am experiencing these symptoms everyday and I dont want to feel like this is going to be a barrier for my future, especially because im planning to go back to school.Question: What does this sound like to you?

Symptoms: Loss of concentration, focus, social behavior, social anxiety, anxiety, add, adhd, learning disability

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for writing to problem is looking more like Attention deficit hyper-activity disorder predominantly attention deficit with comorbid Anxiety.Order of treatment is – Anxiety followed by, I suggest you to meet your family physician or a psychiatrist and start medication.Thank you