Adderall Dosage to High?

Patient: I am a 17 year old, recently diagnosed with ADHD. I was started on Concerta but after 2 weeks of 54 mg tablets i didn’t see a focus nor drive for anything. My parents told me i was less confrontational when it came to some things. I personally did NOT see that. So i told the doctor, and he put me on 30 mg of Adderall. First day, i was confident and got my work done at school so fast (and accurate) i had to sit there with nothing to do because i actually got what i needed done. but that night my dad said something that i just didn’t like. I told him how i felt and later that night we went to the store. and on the way home i basically focused on telling him everything he has done to me to make me depressed. On Concerta that never happened at all. That was probably a VERY long night. My mother, father, and I sat there while i was crying my eyes out talking about why i am tired of my dad and why he makes me feel worthless. The next day i took the same dose in the morning. I found myself not as “on top of the world” but when i got home the night before seemed to be starting again. I fear to take that much again because the feeling of being that depressed feels like a never ending road. Obviously SOME of you that read this aren’t doctors and aren’t me so you do not know the circumstances and all, but you may have had some experience like this and may be able to share with me what you did, or didnt do to fix it.

Symptoms: Depression, worthlessness, some anger