Adderall XR prescription for memory loss

Patient: Hellomy psychiatrist has prescribed me ADDERALL XR and INTUNIV for severe short term memory loss , but adderall xr is not available in my country (iran) , i need an american doctor’s prescription to import whole life is being ruined for a piece of paper , would you please just rewrite that prescription for me ?thanks

Symptoms: Memory loss , stress

Doctor: HelloThanks for using “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.As “Ask The Doctor” is an online forum, the possibil ibility of physically examining you doesn’t exist. Legally speaking, we cannot prescribe medications to you without physically examining you. Such regulations are primarily meant for the safety of the patients as well as the Doctor. If Adderall is not available then you may go for Methylphenidate which is almost equally effective and available as well.Do meet your Doctor and request for the same.Hope this helps.Wish you a good health.