Addiction to sex or the need to have it

Patient: My husband is constantly turned on and wanting sex. He has a hard on all the time. It is starting to be a issue, he wants sex 5-10 times every day. Is there anything we can do about this. It is causing a lot of fights.

Symptoms: Arroused all the time and wanting sex

Doctor: Hello,This situation has occurred because your partner seems to have a high libido and it’s not uncommon in men. It d epends on their testosterone levels and its perfectly normal to have, in fact some accept it as an asset. But if it’s causing a strain in your relationship and also a cause of concern pertaining to your daily chores then the best way is to sit together and talk it out with reason and logical thinking. The addressal to the situation has to be dealt in a diplomatic manner where you need to raise your concerns and discuss what is affecting your relationship and how you feel about it. I am sure a reasonable peaceful dialogue can be an answer to your concerns, as I am sure you don’t intend to seek medications for reducing his libido per se .If the dialogue doesn’t help then you may seek help of a counselor who would help you understand each other’s need in a better manner.I hope I have answered your query,wishing you both a happy life together,regards