Adult Bedwetting Problem

Patient: I am a 20 year old female and I still wet the bed about 4 nights a week. I have been wetting the bed since childhood and it has tapered off to only a few nights a week but it still happens enough that I need to do something to make it stop. I’m too embarrassed to go to a doctors office to speak about it so hopefully I can get an answer here. What could be the problem?

Symptoms: Always happens when I’m on my period but will happen even when I’m not on my period, doesn’t have a pattern-so if I drink 2 cups of coffee right before bed I may or may not wet that night same goes for if I have nothing to drink so it doesn’t help if I stop drinking hours before I go to bed it doesn’t seem to make a difference, when I do wet its a lot and I still have to urinate when I wake up, my mom has always said I was a deep sleeper which I do find to be true-I have a hard time waking up to an alarm clock and it’s almost impossible to wake me up some nights you would have to physically shake me, my mom also said ever since childhood I would kick my legs at night so much she would come in a hold them down until they stopped I don’t know if that still goes in since I have moved out so she doesn’t see what’s going on with me at night. I also have hypothyroidism.