Adult growth homone deficiency syndrome

Patient: Hello,I’m a 34 years old male who has been working out regularly for years. I am five eight (173cm) and although I weigh about 167 lbs (76kgs), I am fit. I have a body fat percentage of 12.I eat very well: 6 small meals a day, very low fat, lots of salmon and grilled white meat like turkey and chicken, good oils like fish oil and olive oil, nothing fried up, no coke, not even ice tea or any soft drinks whatsoever for a year, bulgur wheat and other fiber foods, lots of water and lots of vegetables such as broccoli, artichoke, celery and even asparagus.The thing is… Almost all of my body fat is in my stomach.My endocrinologist tested me for growth hormone (a test called growth hormone stimulation test) and told me that I had no problems. Any comments about my test results would be appreciated because I read on the internet that any peak value lower than 7 or even 10 ng-mL is considered as deficiency.I bought a medicine called Madopar and had 500 mg of levodopa before the test. It was 4 pills and each had 125mg of levodopa.The result is like:GH, 30 mins: 0,05 ng-mLGH, 60 mins: 2,13 ng-mLGH, 90 mins: 5,86 ng-mLGH, 120 mins: 2,55 ng-mLI am also tested for TSH blood test, and the the result was 1,52 uIU-ml.Again, any ideas would be appreciated.Kindest regards,