Adult returning asthma symtoms

Patient: Hello, i had very mild asthma when i was younger. Never hospitalized, never bad enough to prevent me from doing anything.It slowly disappeared by my early to mid 20’s.I’m now 34, and just recovered from a cold. I’ve been getting a slight wheeze and tightness occasionally, and it goes away after a puff from my girlfriends inhaler.Is it possible or common for my asthma to return after so long?

Symptoms: Wheezing, asthma

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your concerns.(To recapitulate: male / 34 – had mild asthma when youn ger- disappeared by mid 20s – just recovered from cold – occasional wheezing and tightness that went with girlfriends inhaler – Wants to know whether it is possible or common for asthma to return after so long?)In simple words asthma is the body’s (Respiratory system’s) response to the allergens by trying to block away the entry, but perceived by the person as wheeze.Since you just suffered from cold (whole respiratory system is affected), the resistance power of the respiratory mucosal lining got reduced allowing the allergens to have its effects on it, hence the wheezing.In the meantime, your respiratory mucosa was strong enough not to respond this way, hence no attacks of asthma.Hence it is not that asthma returned after such a long time; it means you had strong mucosa not to allow the allergic effects of the allergen.Take Therapeutic dosages of Vitamin A and D , this helps early and nice healing of mucosa and continue in the form of multivitamins; avoid, fumes, dusts, chemicals like deodorants, pets, mold and may take a clinical evaluation done by your Physician.I hope this answers your query.Please fell free to ask for further relevant questions if you need to or if you feel that there is a gap-of-communication.