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Advantage and disadvantages of anal sex

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Dear Doc I've had anal sex for several times but mostly without any condoms(for first time sex and no vaginal sex yet) and for now I may have once a week...I heard about the cancer that I might get later or other kinds of diseases but I want to know about the disadvantages and diseases more detailed and whether I can still keep on having it or should I stop doing it anyway?And if I can have anal sex what are the Do's and Don't's? Thank you


Personally, I think anal sex is too risky. The only advantage is not getting pregnant. The disadvantages are: rectal tears (which can be painful and makes it easier for infections to reach the bloodstream; this also facilitates transmission of STDs like HIV, HPV, Herpes, gonorrhoea, etc), allergic proctitis (inflamed rectum as a result of lubricants), some will have severe anal pain after sex, etc. Bear in mind that the anus is the passageway of stools; stools have billions of coliform bacteria and most, if not all of these kinds of bacteria, can potentially invade the bloodstream and cause serious, life-threatening infections (e.g. E. coli). To make myself clear, personally, I would never suggest or condone anal sex. There are too many disadvantages. If you really want to do it again and you think it is worth it (and I am saying this half-heartedly), apply lubricants before doing it and always use condoms.  Make sure the lubricant label says “condom compatible” because some lubricants can tear condoms. I do hope I have answered your question and take care always.

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