Advice for Pain Abdomen on Simvastatin

Patient: I am 40years old and male. I was 414lnbs and in 10 months have losty 62bs.lately I have been experiencing some abdominal pain. Is this normal for having lost the amount of weight that I did?

Doctor: It is really encouraging to know that you have lost 62 lbs in 10 months. I see that you are taking azor (olmesartan) for your hypertension, simvastatin for weight loss and singulair for the allergies. I must mention it you that one of the relative common side effects of Simvastatin is abdominal pain, diarrhea and indigestion.If the pain continues, I would advise alternative to Simvastatin and focus weight loss with dietary lifestyle modification and regular exercises. If the pain is more of a heartburn and located in the upper abdomen, then you may need to see the doctor for an ultrasound to rule out gall bladder stones or biliary obstruction. If you have biliary obstruction, Azor is contraindicated. Hope this information helps, take care.