Advice for persistent bouts of sweating and flushing.

Patient: I’ve had problems for as long as I can remember with random sweating and flushing episodes which has been getting worse as I’ve got older. I’m now 24 years old and can’t live my life like I want to as I’m so worried about these episodes happening when I’m out with my friends, at work or anywhere in public. I looked in to it a few years ago and wondered if it might be social anxiety however I am not generally an anxious person. I have tried months of hypnotherapy to help this which did nothing at all other than trigger my sleepwalking. I don’t think my problem is psychological but I’m too embarrassed to go see my Doctor as they will probably wave it off as something silly and minor.

Symptoms: Random bouts of sweating and flushing at no particular time however have became worse as I’ve got older.