Advice on HGH, for a 16 year old

Patient: I’m 16, 50kg and 165cm and my arms don’t seem to be growing at the same rate as the rest of my body, as I go to the gym. I’ve also got quite a small frame and I was wondering if HGH is an option for me, also if it is what is the best brand to buy HGH from in the UK and how much should I be taking. Any advice from yourself would be great.Hazaa

Doctor: Thank you for your question.HGH has a limited approved medical role and your height and weight do not qualify you fo r approved use of HGH in teenagers.It does not matter if the use of HGH is approved or obtained illegally, the side effects are the same and include:Abnormal growth or arms and legsHeart enlargementDiabetesWeakening of muscles at injection siteStunting of growth plates to cause an initial spurt of growth but ends off in a reduced total growth rate.CancerFurther more, the above side effects have been reported in regular users of HGH and non regular users. Safe levels of HGH have not been established as of yet and are likely varied from person to person.