Advice on possible concentration and memory problems

Patient: Hello sorry to disturb you,I was looking for some advice in regards to a possible problem with concentration.I find it very difficult to maintain levels of concentration with the slightest distraction throwing me off course. It didn’t always used to be like this just in the 8 or so years of on and off studying varying from home studying to degree level. My concern is that I’ll never finish my studies and get a worthwhile career as things stand. Memory also seems to be a concern, as it is considerably worse than it used to be, perhaps due to the poor concentration.My question is, is it worthwhile for me to visit a gp or are they likely to just say it’s normal for a man as has happened when discussing this with others in the past? I’m a male, 29 years old with no diagnosed conditions.Thank you for your timeAndrew

Symptoms: Poor concentration, poor memory