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Aerobic Exercise induced knee pain

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Took a Zumba aerobics class. The next day, I got out of bed and my knee hurt tremendously! During class, I did not feel like I had twisted anything. It has now hurt to varying degrees for 2 weeks. Today, it hurt worse tha ever. It's not debilitating pain, but it still hurt constantly. The pain is on the interior side of one knee. It hurts to kneel or squat down (ie, to pick something up off the floor) and hurts whenI'm walking, as I bend my knee (not so much when I just place weight on it.) What could I have done? Is it time to see the doctor? Why would the pain have started only the next day--not during class. (By the way-- I finished class around 8 p.m. I cooled down properly, came home and took a hot shower, and went to bed. I tell you this to show that I didn't do anything else that could have caused the injury after the class.)


You could have torn a ligament which exercising or it could just be excessive strain all of a sudden which is leading to this pain. If it is muscular/ strain related in origin it shoudl slowly subside over a period of 5-7 days.However since you say that you are feeling pain when you bend and cannot  take weight on that limb we may be dealing with some ligament or meniscal injury . A ligament injuury will lead to the feeling of the knee giving way while walking along with pain.A meniscal injury will lead to locking of the knee along with pain on bending. Another thing that you need to look for is whether there is any swelling in the knee joint. I advice that you do need to see a physician for a complete knee examination along with a possible xray of the knee to rule of any other bone injury.

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