After a bm I have a burning feeling

Patient: I have been having some lower back pain more in butt area and then I get the urge to go when I do my anal is on fire like what came out was acidy. I have not been sick. This happens mostly when I am sitting. And when I am walking around store I will get the urge to go and feel like I better go fast to make it on time.

Symptoms: Burning feeling when I have a BM, lower back pain more in my butt area

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history and complaints.You get low back pain in the butt area and then get the urge to pass stool and when you do, you have fire like pain in anal area.This happens mostly when you are sitting and get urgency when walking.The commonest cause of the symptoms complex you presented is suggestive of the following reason:- Severe Proctitis may be with colitis. This gives all the symptoms you have mentioned.The pain in the low back is of referred nature. The Resultant infection makes the anal verge to go into severe excoriation of the superficial skin. This in turn causes severe pain like a fire.- Part of some general disease or intestinal disease like Crohns, tuberculosis and so on.I would advise you the following in such a situation:First of all Consult a Doctor and get a reference for a Gastroenterologist.Till then get a course of an antibiotic, Metronidazole, Probiotic and symptomatic treatment for pain and burning and so on.Sitz bath for soothing and cleaning of the area.Do not apply anything locally except for anesthetic jelly. Avoid all the foods and beverages which increase your problems. Avoid all the stress and anxiety.On appointment with Gastroenterologist, you will have to undergo all the tests of blood, urine and stool, Colonoscopy and whatever is required.A proper diagnosis will lead to a proper treatment.