After my descent from an airplane flight to Dallas, my

Patient: After my descent from an airplane flight to Dallas, my ear felt clogged and my hearing is limited. After 2 hours it hasn’t gone away and it started hurting about an hour ago. 2 days ago I was having symptoms for a cold and was thinking this could be an ear infection. It’s really annoying.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.You already had cold for the last 2 days. This gives inflammation of the whole respirato ry tract including part of the Eustachian tube.During descent, the pressure within and outside of the eardrum could not be maintained to equal and hence one gets the problem as you had.I would advise you the following:- Nasal decongestant drops to be followed by plain water steam inhalations-Oral Decongestant and anti-inflammatory medicines and Oral steroids if the ENT Surgeon says so.- Do not blow the nose.-Avoid extreme changes of temperature zones.- And if possible, take bed rest.I hope this answer helps you to get a relief. Follow the advice of the ENT Surgeon stringently.Do not fly till you are cured.