After played with my cats, i started sneezing. i think it’s allergy, Please help me.

Patient: Hi doc, im Nyna from Jakarta. I have a problem, and i dont know what is it. After i play around with my cats, im starting sneezing, my eyes red and juizy, and i got slime on my nose which is so much. Thanks, im waiting for your answer.

Symptoms: Symptoms : sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms that you have described are allergic in nature, the allergen being the cats. Many people are allergic to pets like cats and dogs, the fur or hair released from the animals cause severe allergy in the form of sneezing, wheeze, watery and itchy eyes and even stuffy nose. The best possible method is to avoid cats as much as possible. Even if you go near them, use glasses to cover the eyes and also keep your nose and mouth closed and tied. Also, avoid exposure to cold, dust, parthenium plants, fumes and cosmetics as these may also trigger an allergy. Consult a doctor for medication like citrezene tablets. Steam inhalations will release the nose blocks.Hope this helped.Regards,