After sex I felt quite sore and I think

Patient: After sex I felt quite sore and I think it was because it lasted quite a long time. Shortly after (couple of hours) it was hurting so much that I couldn’t walk nor sit still without feeling a burning sensation “down there”. When I pee it hurts even more and I feel the need to go to the restroom frequently yet not much comes out! Earlier this year (February time) my GP diagnosed me with thrush and I was supplied with an external cream and it worked, at times it came back but as I carried on using it, everything was fine. Once the pain cleared I stopped using the ointment. A very similar type of pain is back and not entirely sure why because I’ve been having sex quite frequently so it’s not like my body has to get used to intercourse. Although we don’t do much foreplay or use lube for vaginal intercourse, I am already “wet”. Since my boyfriend and I both lost our virginity with each other and we haven’t had sex with anyone else, we don’t use a condom and we find there is more pleasure that way. For birth control, I am on the pill. I don’t mind using a condom if necessary but he doesn’t like wearing one and I don’t think he will wear one either to be honest. I am pretty sure it has something do do with sex since it previously occurred afterwards. I have been checked for STIs and my results have came back negative. For a while my pee did smell really strong for no apparent reason and I went to the doctor about this but nothing was really said about it other than drink more and it depends on what I eat, however I think there could be a possibility that it links to this. It is getting really frustrating and gets me down because I can’t continue with my day and there is nothing that is soothing the pain and discomfort for me at the moment and if I am out and about this can be a big problem. Would you be able to help me out and suggest how this might have been caused and if I have any possible medical condition from the information that I have gave you? How am I able to prevent it in the future and how to get rid of it? Also what shall I do if/when it suddenly becomes painful? Thanks