After Surgery Scar Adhesion

Patient: I severely broke my collarbone at the end of december, and required ORIF surgery on January 4th. It is now Feb 10th, and the physical therapist JUST told me about adhesion being an issue. They massaged the surgery scar (with considerable discomfort) but my question is will that help break the adhered tissues, and is there anything else I can do for myself to help and stop any future adhesion?

Doctor: Yes, definitely, the massage on the surgery scar has to be done aimed to release the adherences of the affected area. In fact, it is strongly recommended also to the patient practicing self-massage as many times as he/she can on the scar, first to desensitize the scar itself and decrease the discomfort in the area and second to release the adhered tissues. It can take some more weeks but at the end the consistency in the massage routine will release the adherences and the discomfort will disappear.