After terminate paddy what right time to next concept ?

Patient: Hi, This is Farhad hossen (27Yrs)from Dhaka BangladeshMy wife (23Yrs) was six month pregnant and go to doctors advice, Doctor advice to take haematology (ultrasono) test which contains a hydrocephalus paddy. In ten days treatment 12/01/2015 Doctor terminate this baby normally. now my wife is so good, but sometime she feels pain in ureter. we want to take new paddy. which time is prefer time for it ? have want to do something before it ?

Doctor: Congenital hydrocephalus is a serious condition that can arise from multiple causes. It comprises a diverse group of con ditions which result in impaired circulation and absorption of cerebrospinal fluid. Congenital malformations of the central nervous system (neural tube defects), infections, haemorrhage, trauma, teratogens and, occasionally, tumours can all give rise to hydrocephalus.It can also be caused by a combination of genetic (or inherited) factors, as well as environmental factors (such as folic acid intake and diet).Genetic counselling should ideally be offered before any pregnancy is planned, if there has been a past history of a baby with any form of neural tube defects, including hydrocephalus. This is important to do a risk assessment of the chances of a recurrence in future pregnancies. On an average, when a couple has had a previous child with a neural tube defect, there is a 1 in 20 chance that subsequent pregnancies are also affected.The likelihood of having a baby with a neural tube defect is reduced by up to 70% when adequate folic acid (around 3 months prenatally) is taken. Roughly, after a thorough genetic counselling, once the recurrence risk estimation is done with and the mother has regained her physical and emotional health, any time is a good time to try for a baby again.Various screening methods are available during the next pregnancy such as fetal ultrasound to identify anomalies, serum markers such as alpha feto protein etc.