After vasectomy

Patient: I am considering having a vasectomy. I am very curious as to what certain things are like after the procedure. Is it correct that you can still ejaculate and that traditional semen will come out but it just won’t contain the sperm part? Will the semen still look and smell the same? Also, will masterbation be painful or still enjoyable? And, also will I still get the same pleasure from ejaculating? Also, I was doing some research on my own about a vasectomy and my source said how the sperm will begin to go into the scrotum and that your body will form antibodies and other things to help absorb it. Can you clairify this and tell me how much the body will be altered from such a procedure?

Doctor: Vasectomy is simple, safe procedure designed to make men infertile. The procedure only affects sperm does not affect yo ur ability to ejaculate. Once you have recovered from surgery you will be able to participate in sex as prior to surgery. The procedure involves cutting and tying the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles. Your testicles continue to produce sperm but these are absorbed by the body with time. You will not be able to appreciate these changes and they will have no effect on your sex life.