Age 14 and the Morning After Pill?

Patient: I need to talk to a doctor and I heard that you’re one. I had unprotected sex last night for the first time and I’m worried I might be pregnant, I can’t tell my parents, go on the pill or get the emergency pill because I’m only 14. I really need your help asap before it’s too late. Please help me.

Doctor: I understand your desire to not discuss things with your parents.In most countries, the morning after pill is availabl e without a doctors prescription form your local pharmacist. It is best taken within 24 hours but can be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex.If it is not available from your pharmacist, a local urgent care clinic, walk in clinic, emergency department, or your family doctor would not hesitate to provide you a prescription. I am not aware of any restrictions on prescribing because of your age.Any discussion about the morning after pill you have with your doctor would be confidential and not discussed with your parents.  your doctor would also be able to decide if STD testing is appropriate in your case.Please practice safer sex in the future.