Air embolism is it possible to enter baby blood stream?

Patient: If air embolism occurs in pregnant women through a tear in placenta where would it travel? to the baby? or to my heart/lungs etc? just wondering if embolism is possible to enter baby blood stream if i got air in vagina would it not be able to travel to baby at all? amniotic fluid embolism is when babys fluids enter my blood stream is there no way of your fluids to enter theirs and the embolism could thus that way?

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query on askthedoctor.comI understand your concern.Air embolism is an air bubble or air bubbl es entering into a vein or artery and blocking it.In pregnancy, air embolism can occur through vagina during oral sex or injury in the vagina or through tear in their placenta after delivery of the baby.Air embolism usually affects the mother directly by traveling to brain, heart, lungs etc and it can cause a stroke, heart attack, respiratory failure etc respectively.Air embolism directly affecting the baby is extremely rare, because if air embolism occurs while baby in the uterus, placenta acts as a barrier and protects the baby.Air embolism through placental tear usually occurs after delivery of the baby, so baby is protected here also.Take care.