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Patient: Hello, I am a recovering alcoholic and I have bought a breathalizer as a way to help my husband and I get through trust issues. I had a relapse 2 days ago where I had approx 3 glasses of wine. Is it possible to still have alcohol in my system? I also had gastric bypass surgery…..which is when my addiction started (went from food to wine) and I lost 100 pounds. I currently weigh 134lbs. I take 200mg zoloft, 10,000 of biotin, B12, multiviatims with clacium and iron. Please help!

Symptoms: Breathalizer showed alcohol in my system 0.05 and I haven’t had a drink since my relapse 2 days ago.

Doctor: HelloThanks for posting your query to ATDthe alcohol will take about six hours to disappear from your body, hence ch ances of having alcohol detectable by BA is may require to continue counselling for your addiction

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