Alcohol based products

Patient: Why when i use certain cosmetics, body washes and mouthrinses with alcohol inside i start getting so allergic, i feel tightness, bluriness, diziness inside my body and i feel instable physically and i feel a pressure all over my body including the head. Why is that so, my blood type also is A2,and i know is not the strongest bloody type one can have, but still why i get so allergic i still dont know do others or do people who use alcohol based products all get allergic, cauze i get awful. also i had had a past problem with the mouthrinse that i want to tell you about, i got so drunk my goodness, that i started to scream and become mostly mad then i found out that it contained alochol inside, it was not alcohol free, like the one i had started using two years ago when i found out the cause. Am I skin sensitive or what do you think?