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Patient: I have crohns and my birth control failed. I have just found out I am 7 weeks pregnant, up until about 20 days post conception (5 weeks pregnant) I was drinking. The 3 weekends before I found out I was pregnant (I tested on a monday) I was binge drinking one night a weekend and during the 5th week (which I understand to be the most cruical), as well as one episode of binge drinking at day 20. I was on holiday so also had a few glasses of wine during the week. Please could anyone give me personal examples of their pregnancys if this happened to them? I have read so many stories about FAS and it breaks my heart as it seems that children born to women that drink have a poor quality of life and I just couldnt do that to an innocent human. I have obviously stopped drinking and smoking (15 a day ) and am eating very well. would you suggest I abort on the above grounds?


Doctor: I understand your concern about Fetal alcohol syndrome, certainly if you drink during pregnancy, you might have placed y our baby at risk of fetal alcohol syndrome.The more you drink while pregnant, the greater the risk to your unborn baby. The risk is present at any time during pregnancy. It is not possible to make the diagnosis at this moment but pre natal controls and good nutrition would lower the risk of developing this condition in your baby. I would suggest you to talk to your Obgyn for a more detailed evaluation and assessment of your pregnancy.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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