Alcohol Reactions

Patient: Hi doctor,This is something I have experienced in recent years it deals with alcohol, I am younger male and what happens to me is very strange and I don’t really have an answer and its concerning. When I seem to drink hard liquor usually take shots I am fine but then later the afternoon the next day I become very fatigue and then for about 10 days after I have feeling of depression and everything that goes wrong from my computer not working to someone not seeming to respond I want them to in a conversation is extremely magnified and I find myself not being able to function without crying or sleeping a lot. But when I seem to drink beer this never happens except once I binged drank with beer 5 nights in a row and the next couple of days I felt depressed but nothing like with hard liquor. I’ve heard the term Wernicke Encephalopathy tossed around but I am not alcoholic I am 20 years old.

Symptoms: Deppression, mental hard to concentrate, crying