Aldactone as Acne Treatment: When to Expect Noticeable Effects

Patient: Hello, I am a 37 years old woman, and I still have acne problems. I took for a long time roccutan, but I stoped because my doctor told me so. After 5 months the acne is back. Now, another doctor told me to take adalctone to improve my acne , but after 2 weeks I see no improvement, and I am taking 100mg per day. Is it normal, should I wait further to see some improvments. Thanks in advance

Doctor: Aldactone is one of the last resort drugs to help acne. It suppresses the hormones that cause an increase in oil product ion and enhance formation of acne. It may take over a month or two for the effects to be noticeable. Just continue using it for now. If you are taking 50 mg 2x a day, continue doing that. If you miss a dose, do not take 2 tabs at one time as this may also have undesirable effects. It is also advisable to take the dose at the same time every day. I do hope this helps. Take care always.