Allergic reaction

Patient: Hi my name is Jennifer and for the past year for some reason everytime I get any type of little cut, abrasion on my skin, or even like to day when I went to check something under my bed and scratched my self lightly; I get an allergic reaction l, it tends to itch and swell up only in that area, today for exile when I got on my knees to check something under my bed I got up and 10 min later my knees from the wood floor got a little itchy and I guess I had scratched myself on the side of my leg which I didn’t even notice and now I have a swollen scratch going up my leg! I’m so worried. Sometimes at night my hands get sooo itchy that they swell up and a couple times iv had to put ice on them and this usually happens at around midnight. I havnt changed my diet and since I was little iv lived in this house so idk what’s going on. Please help