Allergic Reaction! I think it is from cats or hay

Patient: Help! I’m having a mild allergic reaction:(

Symptoms: Coughing, trouble breathing , tight chest, chest pain, headache

Doctor: Thank you for your question. First of all we would like you to remain as calm as possible. Allergic reactions are very c ommon and and range in severity. What is most concerning about allergic reactions is that they can develop into the most severe type of reaction called anaphylaxis. This is where the airways become swollen shut obstructing breathig. This can be life threatening as you may imagine. We are not certain that your allergic reaction may become worse so we recommend that you promptly go to your doctor for further evaluation and treatment. It may be in your best interest to be tested for what your actual allergies are and be prescribed a epi pen to carry in case you have a severe allergic reaction.Thank you for consulting