Allergic reaction to condoms causing penis to become red and inflamed

Patient: Everytime i use condoms during sex, i end up getting a red rash on my penis and the foreskin becomes very irritable and burns. It stays like this until i wash my penis off. Is there something else i can do as this is really affecting my sex life.

Doctor: It is a very common problem in men to be allergic to condoms. It is not however common that many men are allergic to lub ricants but thats not to say its not impossible. You sound like you have all the allergic reactions related to using rubber condoms such as pain, the itch and redness. There are many different types of condoms on the market and my suggestion would be to ask your pharmacist for some sensitive condoms or even a brand not made of rubber. The only other solution to your problem is getting your female partner to use some sort of contraceptive.