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Allergic Reaction to Wax Strips

Patient: I used jolen facial wax strips on my upper lip and ive had an allergic reaction and its sore and feels weird and looks sore too is there anything i need to take to get rid of it or help it heal as my body takes ages to heal. also i want to stop it being so sore


Doctor: You seem have sensitive skin and should be careful while using any product on your skin. You may always try the product t on a small area of the skin first before using it on your face.You can also use these few tips to minimize or avoid the reaction:Apply vitamin e oil on the skin before so that the wax will less likely stick to your skin and only pull out the hair and ice it afterwards to reduce the reaction. Also, anti histamines available over the counter like benadryl, zyrtec etc can be used to control these reactions, but you should take these drugs only after consulting your doctor in order to avoid any other severe reactions that may occur when taken along with your existing medications and health problems.To subside the reaction you should avoid touching or scratching the area, and keep it hydrated with application of a moisturizing lotion or vitamin e oil.


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