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Allergic rhinitis

Patient: Hi,I’m a 30 year old female,I’ve been congested for about 2 months now,my ENT said I have allergic rhinitis,I’ve never had allergies before mind you.I’m currently using nasonex,but I’m a smoker.Will smoking hinder the nasonex from working?


Symptoms: Congestion.

Doctor: Allergies may manifest at any age, upon exposure to specific allergen(s) that cause hypersensitivity reaction in such in dividuals. Smoking does not effect the function of Nasonex per se, but it definately retards the mucocilliary clearance mechanism in the respiratory tract, including nasal mucosa. This may lead to nasal congestion and later sinusitis. There is no evidence or any literature reference to prove a direct correlation between smoking and Allergic Rhinitis. However, due to reasons citied above and other harmful health effects of smoking at your age, it is best to give it up with a determined approach.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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