Allergic Rhinitus or Deviated Septum?

Patient: I visited my ENT for a 4th time yesterday. I’ve been having problems with chronic post nasal drip and coughing. The mucus is undoubtedly coming from my nose, and is most accentuated in the morning, where coughing is to the point of triggering my gag reflex. I had pneumonia in february, and had since put the problems off as a leftover effect, but now I know it is most likely something entirely different.I have tried a few different antibiotics such as amoxicylin and variants to rule out sinus infections, nasal washes, steroid sprays and such but nothing has worked. I also did a full allergy test, and I came up completely clean.At my last visit, my ENT revisited the fact that my septum is slightly crooked, and says he is now about “70% sure” that septoplasty would solve the problem. And that the surgery is the only option he sees let and is a “last resort.” So, I’m not completely convinced. However, oddly enough, I took a claritin last night, and feel a little better, and have a slightly easier time breathing though my nose. Yet the post nasal drip persists. I have many of the symptoms of Allergic Rhinitus, yet these symptoms are also present in a deviated septum, which I also have. So I am confused.I’ve had general anesthetic in the past, so it’s not a matter of a fear of surgery, but before undergoing a strenuous and painful procedure, I would like to know from another opinion if surgery is the best course.