Allergic to dust and smoke, what medication do I take?

Patient: Hi i am allergic to dust and smoke. I had visited a doctor. I was prescribed doxofylline and levocetirizine montelukast tablets but they were not effective.So i am taking betamethasone and theo asthalin tablets. Is it okay to do so.

Symptoms: Dry cough, stuffy chest., uneasy breathing

Doctor: You are advised to visit an Allergy Specialist to confirm the diagnosis and to identify the cause of your allergy, by co nducting ‘Allergy Skin Prick Test- Environmental Panel’. With specific avoidance measures, your requirement for medication would drastically reduce. Moreover, you may benefit from Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (Allergy Vaccine) if you show strong sensitivity to one or two allergens. It is however, not possible in poly-sensitized individuals.