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Allergic to injections

Patient: Red pimples scattered on top of my foot? I had alopecia and took steroid injections to my head for 1 year.



Symptoms: No rash, red spots all over my toes and ankle



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I have read your query. I understand your concern.As per details, there are fo llowing possibilities for your symptoms :1 ) Allergic contact dermatitis : it is characterised by red colored itchy eruptions over any part of body.2) Vasculitis- it is usually a bilateral condition characterised by purpuric rash mainly on legs.3 ) Infection : it may be bacterial or fungal infection.Treatment depends on the diagnosis.I would be able to help you better if you could attach photographs of the affected area.We will revert back in the follow-up.Wish you a speedy recovery.

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Patient: yes, this is picture of my cause for concern. let me know on what this could be.

Doctor: Hello. Welcome back. I have received the image. Thanks for attatching the image. From the photograph, it seems to be purpuric rash to me. The purpuric rash may occur due to Leucocytoclastic vasculitis, drugs like NSAIDS, antibiotics, connective tissue disorders like SLE, bleeding disorders like low platelet count or dysfunctional platelets . This rash requires proper evaluation and assessment. I would like to advise you following investigations :
1 ) Complete blood count
2 ) Bleeding time / clotting time
3) PT / INR
4) ANA
If you noticed the rash after taking some medication then the offending drug should be strictly avoided in future.
Visit your doctor so that he can examine you and order tests for you. You can share my opinion with him. I hope it helps. Take care.

Patient: sure it isn’t hiv , I went to a dermatologist, he said allergy

Doctor: Doesn’t look like HIV. However you may ask your doctor for HIV testing if you had any high risk exposure.
Take care.


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