Patient: How long does it take allergies to appear if you are allergic to a cat and in the presence of one? I adopted a kitten 12 days ago and although I have not had any major allergy symptoms I do have a semi congested/runny nose that wont seem to go away and also the occasional sneezing. I do not have any other symptoms such as, itchy/watery/red eyes, rashes, hives, breathing problems, ect. When I was younger I use to have really bad asthma and allergies but, as I got older I seemed to have out grown both of these problems because I have never had any problems with my asthma since I was 16 and I have also been around plenty of cats/dogs without any incident. Due to my current symptoms with my new kitten though should I be concerned with my asthma/allergies?


Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since you have had a history of childhood asthma, there will always be a factor of allerg y in you which can be re-triggered any moment in life, on exposure to any allergen. In your case, since you are exposed to a cat, the pet fur, is a source of allergen and your symptoms are indicative of early signs of an allergic asthma. Kindly consider them as warning signs and stay away from the kitten as much as possible. I know it is very tough to do so, considering the little kitten which has been recently adopted and needs your help. But you must keep a distance from it. Keep your nose and mouth covered whenever you come in contact with it, wear glasses to cover your eye and wash your hands thoroughly after contact. Also, make sure that blankets and sofa, furnitures are all dusted and free of cat fur. Prevention is always better, in this case.Hope this helped.Regards.