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Allergic to Soda

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Is it possible to be allergic to soda? I seem to have a strange sensation after I drink it. I have to constantly clear my throat and it sort of feels like I'm drowning. This came on about a year ago. I haven't changed the kinds of soda that I'm drinking (diet, always, and I've been drinking that for about 10 years) and I can't think of anything else that could cause it. It's irritating, not only to me, but everyone else around me! Thanks a bunch.


The trust is it is possible to be allergic or intolerant to anything.  Furthermore, allergies and intolerance may develop suddenly at anytime in your life.
It is more likely that you are developing a reaction to one or more ingredients in the soda.  Sometimes changing brands or flavours can improve your symptoms. If that does work, it may be better to switch to healthier drink alternatives that don't cause you discomfort.
Good Luck

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