Allergic to vegetables?

Patient: Every time I eat any green vegetable (organic, fresh out of my garden, or store bought regular) my lip puffs up in the same spot about double the size it should be. Also it happens when i eat raw carrots. The only way to stop this is when I steam them until they are mush. My lip gets very red and painful when this happens. I was just wondering why this happens and what’s in the vegetable that goes away when I steam them? Thank you!- Nicole

Symptoms: Swelling, red, painful

Allergic to vegetables?-1

Doctor: You have complained of allergic symptoms after taking fresh vegetables which does not occur after having cooked vegetabl es. This is seen in a condition called Oral Allergic Syndrome, in which allergy occurs on eating fresh vegetables and fruits, due presence of some allergens likes pollen or tree ruminants. These materials usually get destroyed or loose allergic nature after cooking, so the symptoms does not happens after consuming cooked vegetables. Avoid having fresh vegetables. Always consume cooked foods. To avoid the symptoms anti histamines will help the condition. But if symptoms worse rush to immediate emergency.