Allergic to water on my skin.

Patient: I am allergic to water. When I was 13 years old (I am now 37) I was swimming with friends and got out of the pool because I was covered in red burning hives. It has been that way since everyday. It is the worst on my face and arms, chest and back. It happens in any moisture. It happens in the rain, pools, showers, baths, lakes, steam, humidity. I am at my wits end trying to find answers. It begins within 5 minutes of being in contact with the moisture and lasts about 45 minutes. It is red, it is burning and itchy and very painful…not to mention hideous looking. I am looking for advice, help and hopefully a cure to this. It seems to be getting worse as I get older. ­čÖü I did take some pictures after a shower to show my own family Dr. and he has never seen or heard of this before.