Allergic vagina candida infection

Patient: Actually 10 days before i have burning sensation exactly at g spot and i consulted gynae . she told i may have candida infection and gave uriliser and AF150 as medication. After 3 days stil im having burning sense there and again i consulted another gynae .This time she told im not having infection n it is only allergy.She gave candid b cream and cansoft suppository.Can i know what my problem may be.And now still having burn feel at gspot. I want to know what may be the cause?

Symptoms: burning sensation throughout the day , burn feel while passing first drops of urine and no burn or pain while intercourse.

Doctor: Burning sensation before, while or after passing urine is a sign of urinary tract infection. You are advised to get you r Urine Test (for Routine/Microscopy and Culture/Sensitivity) done at the earliest. Candida infection is also commonly seen in genital areas, but it is usually associated with intense itching and foul smelling white/curdy vaginal discharge. Your symptoms are unlikely to be due to any allergy. Take plenty of oral fluids, maintain proper personal hygiene and see your doctor with the Urine report, for further management.