Allergie,high himoglobin

Patient: Hi, i’m having a food allergy for all kinds of meet,beens,dry fish,for some greenish vegitables…then i went to a immunologist and had skin pick test and results were ok, that im not allergy for foods. but doc guide me to get done FBC/ESR/UFR/TSH/blood picture/cryoglobulin. on that my hemoglobin level is bit high and cryoglobulin is weekly positive. doc gave me two medecine so i can eat any kind of food.but my prob is i already have lost 16kg for last 9moths. so i wanna know why is that?

Symptoms: Allergy for foods,weight lost,tiredness,headache

Doctor: Hello. welcome to ask the doctor.If your tests have been done and no allergy is being found to any kind of food, then you may take food without fear of allergy.Weight loss can be due to number of reasons. You require a complete evaluation to make diagnosis.If the investigations you mentioned have already been done with no negative findings , then i will advise you to get anti TTG antibodies done. This test is done to check for gluten hypersensitivity. It is one of a very common reason for undue weight can share my opinion with your doctor.i hope it helps.Take care.