Allergies leading to respiratory symptoms in an infant

Patient: My 8 mos old son has had problems such as nasal congestion and allergies and ear infections since birth. my question is that since we have tried medicine, humidifiers,etc what other options do we have to help him?

Doctor: Many a times the symptoms that you have mentioned along with the allergies are a sign of some allergen presence in the e enviroment which your son is susceptible to. While it is common that infants are usually more susceptible to infections there are other things you could do to remove the possible source of common allergens like pets, pet dander,carpets, smoking in the house, soft toys, pollution and smoke etc. I would advice you to try and identify the allergen if possible. In the mean time the other methods that you are employing ie humidifier and medication which should include puffers is the right way to proceed and manage this condition. I hope this helps