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Allergies to dust mites: How do I get rid of them?

Patient: Hello, My husband has severe morning allergies consisting of itchy throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, and watery eyes as well as some coughing every morning without fail. Sometimes, it even starts before bedtime. He took an allergy test and while he did show sensitivity towards dust mites, we have tried our best to eliminate them but the allergies still attack him on a daily basis. Here is the kicker: he works offshore on oil rigs, on the ocean, and the 3 weeks he is out there.. the allergies dissipate. They are only an issue when he is at home, on land. What could be causing this and how can we help him?


Doctor: Dust mites are potential allergen causing organisms that usually harbour in beddings, pillows, pillow covers, bed sheets and matresses. Your husbands allergies seem to be related to something specifically in your house since he doesnt get the symptoms when he;s on the oil rig. I would request you to either wash your beddings thoroughly with bleach or rather throw them away and use fresh ones. Also exposure to extreme heat or cold seems to kill the mites and thus you can wash your beddings in extremly hot water. Also i would advice you to get a new matteress in case there are dust mites harbouring in the same. All the best.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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