Allergies to hair loss?

Patient: Within the last 3 years I developed allergies and after a bad sinus infection a year ago I’ve been having on and off hair loss. I’m losing a lot of hair. When my allergies first started I also started to have seasonal acne which is very fine and clustered. I’ve never had this kind of acne before although my skin has always been a tad oily it seems to have gotten worse and no one in my family has early hair loss that I know of. Could my hormones be off and is there something specific I should ask for when asking for before a blood test?

Symptoms: Allergies, hair loss, acne

Doctor: Your hair loss and acne are not related to allergy. You should consult a Dermatologist for the same. In the mean while, you may please elaborate further on your allergy symptoms for us to advice you better.