Patient: Unexpected rashes on arms, legs, back.. worsen at night

Symptoms: rashes, red bumps

Doctor: You have not mentioned your age, sex or duration of symptoms. Although, with the information provided it looks like you develop rashes mainly at night, while in bed. Since these areas of the body come in contact with the bed, dust mites could be the possible cause of your symptoms. You may visit your family doctor to rule out other (infectious) causes of rashes. However, an Allergy Specialist will be able to confirm your allergy status. All the best!

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Guest: i have persistent green mucus in my throat. have had various tests, including asthma and allergies. do have slight allergy to dust, no asthma. this has been going on for 2 years, and antibiotics have not shifted it. have to cough to clear it, but do not have a cough. no pain. sometimes unable to clear it and interferes with breathing. it is always a small amount, always green and sometimes when i do cough it shoot out. i live in tenerife and sometimes the air is not so clear….but why is it always green?