Allergy and side effects of Montek LC

Patient: I have allergy problem form almost 5 years. I tried many things and past 2 years started just taking half tablet of cetrizine. This was inducing sleep and hence upon the advice of a doctor in family I switched over to Montek LC around six months back. I take about 1/4 a tablet every/alternate days. I am also a teacher (joined recently). I am having lot of problem with my throat of late. I have regular bouts of cough and am often forced to take vicks (zinger) tablets to continue my lectures. Some times (rarely) I also have sleeplessness problem (on the days that I dont take Montek LC). Please advice me appropriately. Thanks.

Symptoms: allergy, cough sour throat

Doctor: I understand that you are suffering from chronic cough. You also seem to have developed psychological dependence on anti -allergic medication (Montek LC) since 1/4 tab. every alternate day is suboptimal dose for any clinical response. In your case, a thorough investigation to ascertain the cause of cough is required. Tests like a Chest X-ray, Complete Blood Cell Count with ESR with Absolute Eosinophil Count and Total Serum IgE levels could be done. If these tests are reported normal, then you should visit an ENT Spl. to rule out the possibility of LPR (Laryngo-Pharyngeal Refulx) or Chronic Laryngitis (commonly seen in teachers due to voice overuse and exposure to chalk powder). If the levels of IgE and/or Eosinophils are high, then you should visit an Allergy Specialist for further evaluation in the form of Allergy Skin Prick Test- Environmental Panel, to identify the possible cause of your allergy. Specific therapy can then be started by your treating doctor. All the best!