Allergy from wound?

Patient: I have a cut on my left leg. I previously cut the same leg 6 months ago and it had a really ugly rash around it. I went to the hospital because it looked infected but they didn’t know what it was; It eventually went away. I have cut the same leg and the rash is back. I worry about infection and what the heck this is! I thought maybe it was an allergy to polysporin but I’ve used it on other cuts without issue. Should I go to the doctor or just wait and hope it goes away again? I have a picture. The first photo is the original wound, the second photo is the current wound.

Symptoms: Sneezing, itchy, redness, wound.

Allergy from wound?-1

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we were unable to see your the photos that you have uploaded. However, from t he description of this new cut on your leg, it is possible that you have developed a localized infection. This could have actually come from the actual injury itself or if debris got into the would resulting in this localized infection. We would suggest that you ere on the side of caution and have your doctor examine it to be sure if you need a prescription topical antibiotic to treat the area.Thank you for choosing